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Thursday, February 1, 2007

NaperTonFieldVille, Illinois

Anyone who has lived, been
through, or even just heard of this conglomerate of West Suburbs may
have a deeper understanding of the meaning behind this blog title. Or,
maybe you have seen the movie that I am referring to (Hint: It stars
Adam Sandler.) Anyways, growing up in the West suburbs has allowed for
a somewhat skewed view on the world. You mean not every 16 year old
gets a brand new luxury automobile without having a job?
O.K., in reality I grew up in Warreville, not Wheaton or Naperville, so I had to settle for a Saturn instead!

Anyways, I am in the West Suburbs at least once a week, whether it be to visit
family, go to the doctor or dentist (I tried city doctors, but I didn't
feel comfortable going to someone who can't even remember my name, and
who charges twice as much for the same services minus politeness), or
just to escape the city for ten minutes. Every time I go back I think
about how fortunate I was to grow up there. Even being from the "wrong
side of the tracks" as some people from Wheaton would say, I still
enjoyed a fruitful, somewhat spoiled youth. I attended the best schools
for free, we never had to lock our doors, I was able to hang out at people's homes that were worth more than my father will make in his entire life (sorry again, dad), I had a ten foot deep swimming pool in my backyard, and I only shopped at the best stores, (God forbid you be seen in cheap clothing at a Wheaton school), so basically I was able to pretend to be rich.

This falsity may have been the underlying factor, which easily convinced
some of my family members, including myself to believe that we live a
rich and fabulous life style.
Once a close friend commented to my Grandmother, "It doesn't
matter how poor you are, you still manage to take extravagant family vacations every year."
husband and father will attest to the fact that the West suburban
lifestyle has given me champagne taste on a beer budget. I also never
get tired of saying, "Did you know that DuPage is the second richest county in the nation?"

Of course, I love living in Chicago now, but I am proud of my roots, fake as they may be!

enough already, this article was supposed to be about the West Suburbs,
but I turned it into something about more about myself....I'm sensing a
theme here!........


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